Pilot Juice Up 4 Multi Pen


Pilot Juice Up 3 Multi Pen. In 2016 August, Pilot released Pilot Juice Up series with 22 colors. Juice Up is a new type of gel pen that combines their popular Juice pens and Hi-Tec-C. The pen is a complete new redesign, from the tip, the body to the ink. The tip is called Synergy Tip, which is a hybrid of metal tip and needle tip. This hybrid tip is smooth and feels very differently. It feels just as precise as a needle tip but also as sturdy a metal tip. The ink inside the the pen is a water-based ink mixed evenly with pigment particles with special additive. As a result, the ink is water resistant and also very opaque and bright. The pen writes nicely with a slight weight near the tip, and it’s looks a lot more professional than regular gel pens. The Muti Pen versions, default with 0.4mm refills, are newly released in 2022.