Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Zone - 0.7mm

All Time Black
Neutral Clear
Midnight Navy

FriXion Ball Knock Zone. This new version of FriXion pen comes with a few new upgrades and a new version of FriXion refill that writes darker and longer. As opposed to the the regular FriXion refill, the new FriXion Zone refill comes in metal encasing with “Premium FriXion Ink”, which writes 30% higher density in black, and 15% higher density in black and blue. The new metal encasing is thinner, allowing the ink capacity to increase by 70%. Two pen upgrades include a more fitted grip section to reduce rattling of the refill, as well as an additional spring to soften the impact of knocking. FriXion Zone comes in muted tones as well as more professional grip such as birch wood and marble resin.

    About FriXion:
    The FriXion ink is erasable by rubbing with the tip of the pen to create the frictional heat needed for the ink to disappear. Since the ink reacts directly to temperature, it is recommended not to leave it under direct sunlight or anything that's hotter than 140 Fahrenheit.

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