Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen - Black Marble

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Pilot Custom Heritage SE. Released in 2021, Custom Heritage SE features an exquisite 14k gold nib with cartridge and converter filling mechanism. The SE is derived from "Seul" in French, which has the meaning of one and only; and as the name suggests, the marble pattern of each pen is unique. Among Pilot's lineup, the color options have always been lacking, and 2021 is a year of trying different colors for Pilot. Shortly after the release of Heritage SE, marble patterns also appear on other Pilot pens such as Vanishing Point and Grance. Heritage SE features flat top, and the pen comes with Pilot's No. 5 nib, the same smooth and flexible nib featured in Custom 74.



  • Capped: 13.5cm
  • Pen only: 11.8cm
  • Posted: 14.9cm


  • Cap: 1.4cm
  • Barrel: 1.2cm
  • Section: 0.97cm

Weights: 21g