Mnemosyne Roll Label Sticker - Task

Mnemosyne Roll Label Stickers come in a roll format with 80 stickers per roll. These stickers are great add-ons for a freeform planner setup and especially well-suited for a professional/business calendar. These label stickers are also removable making them more like sticky notes in case you want to move them around on your page or to a different date. 

The "Task" type Roll Label Stickers come with space for you to write in the date and time that your task is due by and a large blank space for you to fill in the task itself. The stickers come with a strip of an accent color on the left side, making them easy to distinguish from one another.

  • 80 stickers per roll (8 color accents x 10 each)
  • Dimensions (each sticker): 2 cm x 3.2 cm
  • Removable sticker
  • Mnemosyne Roll Label Stickers available in Task, Tab and Flow designs
  • More Mnemosyne 

About Mnemosyne

Mnemosyne notebooks by Maruman are designed with functionality and users' experiences in mind. Their simple black covers are professional and make them perfect for use during work and at business meetings. We love the instructional illustrations at the front of some of their notebooks that show how each notebook can be used. Their tagline "Bring Creativity to Work" really encapsulates this line of notebooks.