Mizushima Jizai Clear Stamps - POCKET - Stamps Only

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Mizushima Jizai Clear Stamps POCKET are a revamp of Mizushima's previous Jizai clear stamp sets. This version was designed to have eco-friendly paper packaging, and do not come with an acrylic block inside - allowing you to reuse the blocks you might already have. 

Each of the Mizushima Jizai Clear Stamp Pocket packs come with 10-20 different clear stamps inside. The packs feature familiar Mizushima designs with different themes such as fruits, animals, work, and many others. The small size of the clear stamps are great for decorating your planner or journal, gift tags, note cards, and so much more. Plus, the clear acrylic block allows you to precisely see exactly where you’re placing your stamp.

  • Acrylic Block not included
  • Mizushima Acrylic Block Available
  • Available in styles POCKET and LOG
  • Mizushima Jizai Clear Stamps + Acrylic Block Set Available

About Mizushima:

Mizushima was founded in 2006 by a designer who loves polka dots and a stationery shop owner who loves stripes. In fact, Mizushima is a mash up of mizutama (“polka dots”) and shima-shima (“stripes”). Mizushima creates stationery items with unique and endearing motifs and superior craftsmanship.