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Lennon Tool Bar - 2024 Spring Limited - Pretty Vol 2 - 金盞花 (Calendula) jin zhan hua

Lennon Tool Bar - 2024 Spring Limited - Pretty Vol 2 - 金盞花 (Calendula) jin zhan hua

"Pretty vol.2" captures the essence of unparalleled beauty in Taiwanese Hokkien. The Ghost Plant symbolizes eternal beauty, serene and graceful, while the clusters of Ixora burst forth like tiny firecrackers, astonishing in their bloom. The delicate beauty of the Platycodon signifies everlasting love, and the Calendula unveils its splendor in the high mountains. These flowers, with their beautiful tales, bloom in the spring.

The orange-yellow Calendula is like a miniature sun among the flowers, striving to stretch and bloom with unmatched warmth. If picked at its most beautiful moment and dried, it will continue to warm your study.

About Lennon Tool Bar:

Lennon Tool Bar was founded in 2014 at Tamsui, Taiwan. Initially, it started to promote arts and crafts of Indigo Dyeing, a business that flourished a century ago in Taiwan, and at the time, Taiwan exported a considerable amount of "doroai," or the raw material of colorants used in Indigo Dyeing, to the Japanese Empire. Lennon Tool Bar draws inspiration from the traditional process and the popular colors used in Indigo Dyeing.

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