Lennon Tool Bar

Lennon Tool Bar - 2023 Summer Limited - 貓將軍Cat General

Lennon Tool Bar - 2023 Summer Limited - 貓將軍Cat General

Taiwan is an island closely intertwined with nature, where the ocean, mountains, and plains each harbor a plethora of beliefs and supernatural entities. In the "All Kinds of Spirits" series, Vol.2 (released 2023) delves into the various deities and monsters found throughout the country. Some have transformed into local beliefs, others have been subdued by divine beings, some blend with local legends before being eradicated by ruling powers, and a few have even ascended to become deities, quietly safeguarding the LGBTQ+ community. Lennon Tool Bar asks that we embark on a journey together to unravel these captivating tales.

According to legend, when a cat is not properly laid to rest after death, it may transform into a cat demon. In the town of Wushi in Taiwan, there were reports of cat demons causing mischief, but eventually, they became local guardian deities, protecting the community.

About Lennon Tool Bar:

Lennon Tool Bar was founded in 2014 at Tamsui, Taiwan. Initially, it started to promote arts and crafts of Indigo Dyeing, a business that flourished a century ago in Taiwan, and at the time, Taiwan exported a considerable amount of "doroai," or the raw material of colorants used in Indigo Dyeing, to the Japanese Empire. Lennon Tool Bar draws inspiration from the traditional process and the popular colors used in Indigo Dyeing.

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