LAMY ABC Fountain Pen - Blue


The LAMY ABC fountain pen was designed with children in mind. As an introduction to the world of fountain pens, the LAMY ABC fountain pen has an adorable kid-friendly design with thoughtful details incorporated that make it an easy choice as a beginner's fountain pen. The barrel of the fountain pen itself is made of a lightweight maple wood and the barrel has a comfortably wide diameter to hold onto. Additionally, the grip section is a rubber non-slip material with facets for easy gripping. At the back of the pen barrel, the tip is a block-like design, which helps to prevent the pen from rolling around on a desk when set down. One of our favorite details about this beginner's fountain pen is that the pen comes with colorful labels and the cap includes a nameplate surface, where you stick the labels so that your child never loses their fountain pen! The LAMY ABC fountain pen is an excellent choice for anyone new to writing or new to the world of fountain pens.

  • Steel nib
  • Snap cap
  • "A" nib features a more rounded tip than standard LAMY nibs, making it suitable for beginner writers.
  • Rubber grip
  • The pen includes a blue cartridge
  • Spare nib available LAMY Steel Nib
  • Compatible with LAMY cartridges
  • Converter: LAMY Z28
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