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Kyo No Oto Yurushiiro Ink

Kyo No Oto (which translates to “sounds of Kyoto”) fountain pen inks are a collection of ink colors that were created in order to reproduce the traditional Japanese colors of the Heian period.

Shogyo-mujo is the Japanese word to describe the transience of all phenomena. Many things, especially in nature, are beautiful while also being impermanent. These two colors, Yurushiiro and Seiheki, seek to capture such momentary colors in which the hue of the ink changes at the beginning and end of writing.

During the Heian Period (794-1185 ACE), safflower red was a color not used by the general population. Only royalty and people in the royal court were allowed to wear the color. This ink's shade is a lighter version of traditional safflower red, but yurushi-iro means "permitted color" so that everyone can appreciate its beauty. 

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