Kuretake Ink-Cafe Lame no Moto - Ink Glitter - Silver

This ink glitter from Kuretake allows you to change your standard inks into beautiful glittering inks! Simply add a small amount of the glitter to your existing inks to turn it into a shimmering, pearl ink. You can also use it on its own, and it looks especially great on dark-colored paper. Each box also includes a syringe and stir stick, and it's highly recommended that you mix the ink in a palette or small dish instead of directly in the bottle.
  • 20 ml
  • Ink glitter that you can use on its own, or as an additive to water-based or pigment-based inks
  • To use, simply add one drop of glitter to 5-10 drops of ink in a small dish and mix with the stir stick. Add more glitter or more ink as needed.
  • Available in: Gold, Silver, and Glitter
  • Each box includes a syringe and a stir stick
  • Water-based pigment ink
  • For use with glass pens, dip pens, or paintbrushes only