Kokuyo Soft Ring Biz Notebook - Dot Line - A5

Kokuyo Soft Ring Biz Notebook is part of Kokuyo's Soft Ring line of notebooks with soft spiral rings that hold the pages in the notebook together. The Soft Ring Biz notebooks were designed specifically for office and business use. The notebook's soft rings are gentle on your hands as you are writing in the notebook, and will not damage or catch on to other objects when placed in a backpack or other bag.  The notebook's soft silicone rings and flexible cover make it resistant to damage as well. The soft rings also allow you to utilize the whole blank page when you are writing since you will be able to lean your hand on the soft rings instead of avoiding the uncomfortable metal rings of most other spiral notebooks (leaving an irritating inch of blank space around the rings).
Each page of the notebook has a title section at the top of the page, and index markings along the left or right hand side of the page with a thin space along the edge of the paper for you to color in so that you can color code sections of the notebook. After you are done writing an entry, write in the date and title on the side index space and color it in so that you will be able to find that entry easily when you are flipping through the book.
This notebook is 6mm ruled with dot-lines, making it ideal for sentence writing or note-taking during meetings.
  • Size: A5
  • 6mm ruled
  • Dot-lines
  • 50 pages
  • Soft rings won't hurt you when you bump your hand into them, and allow you to lean on the rings as you write so that you can take advantage of the whole page
  • Index markings on each page can be colored in for color coding
  • Available in Ruled, Grid and Dot Line