Kokuyo PERPANEP Notebook - Ultra-Smooth - A5

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For its PERPANEP line (an anagram of "pen" and "paper"), Kokuyo has optimized the compatibility between different paper textures and pen types to offer 3 different pairings:

    On the Ultra-Smooth (Tsuru Tsuru) paper, your pen will glide across the page with little to no friction. Of the three texture offerings, Ultra-Smooth works best with plastic- or felt-tipped pens, though it will also work well with fountain pens and even bring out the shading of your ink. Weighing in at 96 grams per square meter (gsm), it is the thickest and heaviest pressed of the three paper textures. Kokuyo recommends pairing it with their PERPANEP Finewriter - 0.35mm, which is exclusive to the PERPANEP lineup.

    This paper texture is available in 5 page styles: 3mm Grid, 4mm Grid, 5mm Grid, 4mm Dot Grid, and 6mm Steno Ruled. The gray cover is made out of eco-friendly recycled pulp, the pages are made out of forest-certified paper, and the cheesecloth binding allows the pages to lay completely flat when the notebook is open on a table. Because the notebook lays flat, the gutter of the notebook is minimally intrusive so that it doesn't interrupt your writing experience, especially if you enjoy writing or drawing spreads.

    • 60 pages
    • A5 (148 x 210 mm)

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