Kokuyo 60th Anniversary Transit Book

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Designed by Kokuyo in 1959, the Sketch Book was originally made for engineers to use in their field surveys. It has a hardcover, making it suitable for note taking during work outdoors as the hardcover provides a surface to write upon. The paper is smooth and fountain pen friendly, and features a 3mm grid for easy drawing of diagrams or list making. Many comparisons have been drawn between Kokuyo’s Sketch Book and the popular Field Notes brand of notebooks, but we really like the Sketch Book’s hardcover, brightly colored covers, gold lettering and overall classic look.

It's slim and compact and it fits to pocket on a working uniform, and its hard cover enables a standing writing outdoors. These features were highly popular among field workers and on-site professionals. It became a standard item for construction site since the late 1950s. 

For the 60th anniversary, Kokuyo releases limited-edition with foil pressing that has a motif of the animals with a pocket (the marsupials).

The anniversary Transit Book features Echidna. A great digger Echidna carries a Transit Book in her pouch. As it’s got detailed transit-survey lines, it is useful for not only to enter the survey results but also to manage her schedule and money.