Kakimori Hasami Pen Rest - Yuteki


This elegantly-crafted Hasami Pen Rest is brought to you by designer Makoto Koizumi from Kakimori. The sinuous and organic shape is inspired by the natural form of water droplets, and comes in two different sizes which fits one pen or two pens respectively. Hasami porcelain(波佐見焼) originated from the town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture, and is one of the most prominent pottery craftsmanship in Japan. All of the Hasami Pen Rest are carefully handcrafted by traditional artisans at the local pottery studio, Koushun-gama. To delve deeper into the journey of Hasami porcelain with Kakimori, please visit here for the beautiful backstory behind this pen rest.

Four varieties of glaze finishes, including Yuteki(Black), Kindei(Gold), Ruri(Lapis Lazuli), and Karayaki(White), are thoughtfully selected to represent different craftsmanship and aesthetics of the Hasami Porcelain.

Yuteki means "oil drop" in Japanese, and this glaze finish got its name from the speckled appearance that resembles oil splatters.

  • Material: Hasami Porcelain Clay
  • Two sizes available. Size I fits one pen, and Size II fits two pens.
  • Dimension of Size I: 1.9(W)x1(D)x0.5(H) in / 50(W)x27(D)x12(H) mm
  • Dimension of Size II: 2.3(W)x1(D)x0.6(H) in / 60(W)x26(D)x14(H) mm
  • As each item is handcrafted, please expect slight variations in the specification or feel.
  • Colors available in: Yuteki(Black), Kindei(Gold), Ruri(Lapis Lazuli), Karayaki(White)

About Kakimori:

Located in downtown Tokyo, Japan, Kakimori boasts a deep connection with its neighborhood and customers. They value the importance of storytelling and the joy associated with handcrafted goods and handwriting. They emphasize a state of coexistence with the four major elements — air, water, earth, and soil — and employ these ideals in each of their products. Their flagship store is well known and loved for their custom fountain pen ink and custom notebook services, which lets customers mix and assemble their own unique tools for writing.