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Ink Institute Taiwan's Secret Land Series - Dalupalringi

Ink Institute Taiwan's Secret Land Series - Dalupalringi.

Lake Dalupalringi is the name of two alpine lakes in Rukai language, which is the indigenous people that have been residing in the southern mountainous area of Taiwan. To the Rukai, these lakes are a sacred location where their ancestral spirits rest in. They believe that the lakes and the surrounding forests are sacrosanct and should not be disturbed, and are often linked with tribal legends and historical narratives. These lakes are not only part of the Rukai cultural heritage but also key to the biodiversity and ecological conservation efforts in Taiwan. 

The Taiwan's Secret Land Series from Ink Institute are four chromatic and color-changing inks inspired by the hidden scenery in Taiwan, including Dalupalringi, Lavender Coral, Shuinandong Smelter, Shuiyang Forest.

  • 30 ml
  • Dye-based

    Ink Institute is a line of inks made by the Taiwanese stationery store, Juspirit in Taipei. They produce inks that are easy to clean and beautiful on paper.  We love their ink collections which include a tribute to the Taipei Metro subway line, Exotic Plants and the super fun Cat Daily collection.