Classiky - Letterpress Label Card - Blue

Write a note on these letterpress cards and slip into a present for a friend, or use these as charming labels and decorative enhancements in your journal and planner. The letterpress printing technique used on these memo cards leaves each sheet of paper with tactile imprint where the metal press was used to create the design and also ensures that there will be slight differences on each card. We love the warmth that you get from these beautiful cards as you run your finger down the paper's surface and feel the design.

About Classiky: 

Started in 1982, Classiky is based in Kurashiki, a town in Japan's Okayama prefecture. On top of doing many collaborations with artists and artisans from town factories across Japan, Classiky has its own line of lifestyle products that celebrates traditional handiwork and combines old school craftsmanship with items designed for everyday living today. Their unique and quirky goods are handmade in a traditional fashion and are eye-catching even in the most special settings.