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CDT Tradio

The Tradio produces a variety of lines depending on the angle and pressure applied. In the photo of the close-up nib, you can find the top and bottom plastic in different length. The top helps to hold the felt tip and allow more pressure to be applied to the writing. Because of the special design of tip, Tradio is also knicknamed as "plastic fountain pen".
The CDT Tradio is made in collaboration with Pentel. In the 1993’s Pentel released Tradio, which is an upgraded design of PulaMan/Stylo. It has a better tip, and a replaceable core. Even with the newly designed Tradio, Pentel still keeps the original design of PulaMan from 1978.

About Craft Design Technology:

Craft Design Technology combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship and innovation. The three elements, traditional colors, ancient pattern and the modern angle, are used in their design to redefine everyday stationery. They work with established manufacturers in Japan to incorporate their design on top of the existing standard products -- giving them a refreshing and futuristic look. "When you change your stationery, your desktop transforms. And when one person, then another, starts to focus on the details… The entire office space is transformed."

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