Pentel Stylo

The Pentel Stylo produces a variety of lines depending on the angle and pressure applied. In the photo of the close-up nib, you can find the top and bottom plastic in different length. The top helps to hold the felt tip and allow more pressure to be applied to the writing. Because of the special design of tip, Stylo is also knicknamed as "plastic fountain pen".
  • Felt tip
  • Black Ink (Water-based)

The tip of this pen might look a little strange. The felt tip of pen is centered and sandwiched by two sections. The longer section gives a little more resistance when a downward pressure is applied. The reason it looks like this is because in 1978, this pen was designed to be a cheaper replacement for fountain pens. The tip of this pen resembles a fountain pen, and it was named PulaMan. (Pula is short for plastic, and this pen is also nicknamed plastic fountain pen). It was during the time when ballpoint pens were on the rise and fountain pens were declining. To get more students to use fountain pen, companies like Sailor came out with a popular beginner fountain pen “Candy” during 70’s, and PulaMan was Pentel’s response. The pen writes smoothly and provides a wide range of line widths, similar to a fountain pen