Blackwing Volume 746 - The Golden Gate Bridge Pencil - Set of 12 (Available Late June)

The Blackwing 746 is a tribute to the Golden Gate Bridge and other engineering wonders of the modern world.

In the summer of 1929, the newly-formed Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District hired Joseph B. Strauss to complete a task that many said was impossible: build a bridge across the churning waters of the Golden Gate Strait. He and his team of engineers, designers, and planners used pencil and paper to develop the sketches, design drafts, and finished plans that would become the Golden Gate Bridge.

Each pencil features Blackwing's firm graphite core and is finished with a special multi-layered technique to bring out the iconic International Orange color of San Francisco's world-famous marvel.

  • Firm Graphite
  • Set of 12 special-edition pencils