Taccia Miyabi Bon-Bori Collection

The limited-edition Miyabi Bon-Bori Collection was created in honor of Taccia's 20th anniversary and is inspired by the Hinamatsuri festival, a Shinto holiday that is one of five seasonal festivals in Japan and takes place annually on March 3. Hinamatsuri is also known as Doll's Day or Girl's Day, and the pens in this collection celebrate femininity, joy, prosperity, and health. The five designs are elegant and beautifully balanced; each features uncolored abalone shells that are carefully cut and hand-painted or foiled with gold and silver, then applied to the pen's ebonite body and sealed with many polished layers of urushi lacquer for a smooth, glossy finish. Each design in the Bon-Bori Collection is limited to 20 pieces worldwide, with every pen individually numbered.