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Nagasawa Kobe Ink No.19 Minatogawa Lime 湊川萊姆

Nagasawa Kobe Ink No.19 Minatogawa Lime 湊川萊姆. Kusunoki Masashige was a legendary samurai in Japan. The people in Minatogawa refer to him as Lord Kusunoki and built him a shrine in tribute. This lime green ink is a tribute to his fame and bravery.

  • 50ml
  • Dye-based ink
  • Nagasawa Kobe Ink Samples available in 3ml or 5ml
  • The series is available in 82 colors. See more Nagasawa Kobe inks here.

Nagasawa is based in Kobe, Japan, and was founded in 1882. The colors of Kobe Ink originate from the vibrant views found around the beautiful city of Kobe, capturing its regional characteristics, aspects, and environments. Use Kobe Ink to evoke happy feelings and the magical qualities of Kobe when writing letters to friends.

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