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MD Notebook - A6 - Blank - Limited Edition - Holly Wales

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of MD Paper Products, MD invited 15 artists to get creative with the MD Notebook. Each special-edition MD Notebook features the artists' illustrations blind embossed on the covers. Holly Wales, a UK-based illustrator designed this cover.

A Note from the Artist:

"My illustration for the MD Notebook is based on extracts from the poems of one of my favourite poets, Mary Oliver. I took 2 lines from two separate poems & put them together to tell a new story. I drew them using Tombow Dual Brush Pens, concentrating on the negative space between the words as much as the words themselves."

Midori's MD Notebooks are known for their simple and minimalistic design, which is intentional in order to emphasize the quality of the paper and your writing experience. Your pen will glide across MD's specially formulated paper, which also prevents your ink from bleeding, ghosting, and feathering. 

About the Artist: Holly Wales

Holly Wales is a UK-based illustrator. Working only with marker pens, she draws a wide variety of motifs, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with marker pens. She uses layers of typography and colors to create motifs with dynamic compositions. Fluidity and elements created by chance are important parts of her creation process.