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MD Notebook - A6 - Blank - Limited Edition - Adrian Hogan

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of MD Paper Products, MD invited 15 artists to get creative with the MD Notebook. Each special-edition MD Notebook features the artists' illustrations blind embossed on the covers. Adrian Hogan, an Australian-born, Tokyo-based illustrator designed this cover.

A Note from the Artist:

"My sketchbook is a place to explore ideas and record the world around me. I often draw my meals before I eat them as a way to appreciate the effort that goes into making them and almost a decade in Japan sushi is still my favourite to draw. The work I make for my clients is often based on my sketchbook work and the small ideas and observations become the direct basis for my “finished” work. MD Notebooks are so light and just the right size, I am rarely anywhere without one nearby - ready to capture inspiration!"

Midori's MD Notebooks are known for their simple and minimalistic design, which is intentional in order to emphasize the quality of the paper and your writing experience. Your pen will glide across MD's specially formulated paper, which also prevents your ink from bleeding, ghosting, and feathering. 

About the Artist: Adrian Hogan

Adrian Hogan is an Australian-born, Tokyo-based illustrator. He has clients around the world, and works in a wide variety of areas, including magazines, print ads, books and storyboards. Major projects include work for POPEYE, TARZAN and BRUTUS magazines, a mural at Starbucks, Apple, and print ads for the Rugby World Cup France 2023.