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La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita Transparent Sticker Sheet Set

La Dolce Vita Transparent Sticker Sheet Set.
  • Set of 5 sticker sheets with approximately 54 designs
  • Includes clear zipper pouch

    About La Dolce Vita:

    La Dolce Vita is a Taiwanese stationery brand started by fellow stationery lover and illustrator, Bofa Huang. Being inspired by women, she draws watercolor-like portraits of girls in different outfits and poses. Through her illustrations, she seeks to communicate with girls who are unhappy with themselves; every girl has something good about herself and is perfect as she is. Her girls are characterized by pops of red on their cheeks, noses, elbows and knees -- all parts of the body that are used when we smile, walk, or move. By highlighting these areas, she demonstrates that every girl is active and full of life.