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Yoseka Note Writing Pad

Yoseka Note Writing Pad is a special project that was inspired by the handwritten notes we include in all of our orders. Designed by Ashley at Yoseka, the pad features three different layouts: Blank, Dot Grid, and Grid. The blank layout showcases Ashley's hand drawn doodle of the Yoseka storefront, the dot grid a 5mm spacing layout - as in the Yoseka Notebook Slim, and the grid a 4mm spacing layout. Made by Conifer, the paper can also be found in our Yoseka Notebook Slim and is fountain pen friendly. The glue binding allows you to choose which design you would like to write on and tear it out of the stack. 

With 150 total sheets, this pad is meant to be a desktop memo pad for those who seem to always run out of memo pad sheets, for those who like to switch up their memo pad design layout, or simply those who need spare sheets for planner and scrapbook spreads. With this Yoseka Note Pad, we hope that you can spread the joy of giving small handwritten notes to friends, family, and fellow stationery lovers.
  • 150 Total Sheets: 50 Blank, 50 Dot Grid, 50 Grid
  • 5mm Dot Grid, 4mm Grid
  • A7 Size 105mm x 74mm (~2.9in x 4.2in)
  • Cardstock Backing
  • Glue Bound
  • Made in Taiwan
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Yoseka Special Projects:

At the beginning of 2022, we set our goal for the year to be the creation of special projects with each of our team members that we could share with our customers. Over the next few months, we announced the release of these items. From Jane’s Yoseka Museum Postcard/Pencil Board to Ashley’s Note Writing Pad to Christine’s Fountain Pen Bookmark, every detail of each of these products was thoughtfully planned. Our main motivation for these special projects was to encourage our team to use their creativity, which we wanted to share with you all, and we are proud that we have gotten to a place where we are able to devote some of our resources during each work day to creation, design and experimentation. Read more about Yoseka's Special Projects here.

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