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Yoseka Kakimori Exclusive Ink - Try Me

Our Yoseka Kakimori Exclusive Inks were created to celebrate our exciting partnership with Kakimori for their Inkstand Pop-Up at Yoseka during Fall 2022. 

Kakimori as a brand emphasizes craftsmanship and artisanship. Walking into Kakimori's shop can feel like being in a laboratory and studio all at once, where you can sense many creative activities occurring in the same space. Here at Yoseka, we have always felt that our shop should be an immersive experience for stationery enthusiasts--a stationery playground where you can try everything out and learn about your own tastes at the same time. 

With our exclusive Yoseka Kakimori Inks, we wanted to pick two colors that embody our store and the philosophies behind our shop experience. The first ink color is called Hello.

We hope you feel right at home when you enter Yoseka Stationery. Our wooden main table is custom made for our space and intentionally designed to be bar height, inviting you to try all of the stationery before you. If it could talk, it would say “try me!”

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