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Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil Art Set

The Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil is regarded as one of the best for drawing and drafting. This pencil mimics the design and silhouette of Mitsubishi's original wooden pencil from the 1800's. From the velvety smooth texture of the way it writes, to the gorgeous traditional maroon color of the body, to the sleek gold accents and band around the top, this pencil truly gives off an air of luxury.

The lead is composed of a mixture of graphite and clay with all impurities within a millionth of a grain removed. This allows for the smooth writing feel and consistent dark lines. 

  • Art set comes with 22 degrees of hardnesses from 10H to 10B
  • Metal carrying case included
  • Traditional Japanese maroon body with gold gilded accents and painted dipped end
  • Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil also available individually

About Mitsubishi
The Mitsubishi Pencil Company was established in 1887 as the “Masaki Pencil Manufacturing Company” specializing in high quality wooden pencils. Despite sharing the name and logo of the Mitsubishi Group (think Mitsubishi Motors, the car brand), they are actually not affiliated with one another. Although they have shifted their focus from wooden pencils to mechanical pencils, they continue making wood case pencils such as the Hi-Uni, Uni, and Mitsu-bishi brands as a call-back to their roots.