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Dominant Industry

Dominant Industry - Pearl - BLEUZE HADANCOURT No.030

The fourth part of the Dominant Industry Painter series is inspired by the Art Nouveau artist Alfons Maria Mucha. He was greatly inspired by flowing lines, natural forms, and intricate detailing. The ink BLEUZE HADANCOURT is inspired by Alfons Maria Mucha's work of the same name, capturing both its sea blue tones and contrasting yellow gold accents. The ink Daydream is inspired by Alfons Maria Mucha's work "F. Champenois," capturing the lovely pink hues as well as radiance with a bright glowing silver. 

This series includes two pearl inks, BLEUZE HADANCOURT (No.030) and Daydream (No.031)

  • 25ml
  • Included in box: Ink bottle, dust bag, single-use pipette
  • Can be used with dip pens or internally filling pens. If using with internally filling pens, recommended to use with nibs size medium or larger to prevent clogging

About Dominant Industry:

Dominant Industry, based in Paju, Korea, makes small-batch specialty inks for dip pens. Adapting mixing and blending techniques developed for silk-screen inks, they have developed calligraphy inks with unique mirror and metallic finishes that are expressive and beautiful on paper, plastic, film, and glass.  If digital CMYK colors are flat shades that are created through a subtractive process, Dominant Industry prides itself on its life-like colors that are created through an additive process, utilizing reflective and transparent pigments that incorporate natural light. Dominant Industry strives to create “bottled light,” colors that can be felt and experienced. This idea is reflected in Dominant Industry’s 4 different finishes: Hologram, Mirror, Pearl, and Standard.

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