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Sailor Sound of Rain Series Coming Soon

Sailor Sound of Rain Series Coming Soon
Released last year in Japan, the newest Shikiori Sound of Rain Series is now available in the US! This series is available in the Professional Gear Slim size, each with a 21K gold bi-color nib. Spring Rain and Winter Rain are translucent, while Summer Rain and Autumn Drizzle are opaque. They are available in Medium Fine nib with matte finish on the pen body. 

Spring 春雨/はるさめ - In Spring, the rain falls quietly, leaving shimmering droplets on flowers and fresh leaves.
Summer 翠雨/すいう - In Summer, the rains shines on flourishing green leaves and trees. 
Autumn 霧雨/きりさめ - In Autumn, the foggy and misty drizzles moisten the fallen  and faded leaves.
Winter 凍雨/とうう - In Winter, the icy droplets freeze on the empty branches, brightening up the clear sky before dawn. 

Pre-order below and we are estimating shipping in two weeks (6/23)

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