Sailor Fountain Pen Prices Increase 10/01/2022

On 9/6/2022, Sailor North America announced a new wave of price increase effective 10/1/2022. This price increase is to reflect the recent Sailor Japan price increase on 8/1/2022. All *Sailor standard models will see an increase in price. Exclusive colors such as Sailor North America editions, and oversea exclusive colors are not part of standard models, so their prices will not be affected.

*Sailor standard models:
1911S Standard Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Maroon/Gold, Ivory/Gold
1911S Standard Transparent Fountain Pen
1911L Large Transparent Gold Fountain Pen
1911L Large Transparent Silver Fountain Pen
1911L Large Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Maroon/Gold, Ivory/Gold, Black/Silver
1911L Large Lefty Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Maroon/Gold
1911L Large Black Luster Fountain Pen
1911L Large Realo Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Maroon/Gold, Black/Silver
1911 KOP Gold Trim Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Black/Silver
Professional Gear Slim Mini Fountain Pen
Professional Gear Slim Gold Fountain Pen White/Gold, Black/Gold, Red/Gold, Black/Silver, White/Silver, Metallic Blue/Silver, Metallic Purple/Silver
Professional Gear Slim Transparent Color Fountain Pen Pink/Silver, Green/Silver, Orange/Silver
Professional Gear Slim Transparent Silver Fountain Pen
Professional Gear Slim - Shikiori Fountain Pen - The Sound of Rain Series
Professional Gear Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Black/Silver
Professional Gear Transparent Fountain Pen
Professional Gear Realo Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Maroon/Gold
Professional Gear KOP Fountain Pen Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Demonstrator
Professional Gear Slim Shikiori Series
Shikiori Four Seasons Bottle Ink
Sailor 50ml Bottle Ink - Dyed based
Sailor 50ml Bottle ink - Pigment based
Sailor Standard Ink converter

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