Newly Added: Stickers from Mind Wave and Stationery from Furukawa Paper

Newly Added: Stickers from Mind Wave and Stationery from Furukawa Paper

Warning: Adorable New Stationery Alert!! Recently, we have added some really fun and cute new stickers and stationery from Mind Wave and Furukawa Paper

From Mind Wave, we have added a few sets of stickers that are perfect for your planner, decorating letters and any other form of record-keeping you enjoy; and from Furukawa Paper, textured mino washi paper flake stickers and ingeniously cute coffee mug mini letter sets where you write your note on the "steam" that then gets lifted out of the coffee mug!

Adult Rewards Stickers

The Adult Rewards series of stickers features motifs that can be thought of as motivational items for adults--Christine explained them to me by drawing a comparison to a gold star sticker a child might receive in school! 

Character Cafe Stickers

The Character Cafe Sticker series features our favorite animals with some delicious cafe foods: from an alligator hamburger bun to bear cake frosting to Shiba strawberry shortcake!

Rococo Dreams Stickers

Dried Flowers Stickers

Clear flower garland stickers--the sticker is not just the bouquet but the entire garland!

Photogenic Scenes Stickers

Chunky Animals Stickers

Pochitto Flake Stickers

Mino washi paper flake stickers with the most adorable illustrations of animals and fall-themed fruits and foliage!

Coffee Mug Mini Letter Sets



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