New Stationery from Midori, BGM, and Mind Wave

BGM, Midori, Mind Wave -

New Stationery from Midori, BGM, and Mind Wave

So many new stationery items!

We're loving these sticky notes from Mind Wave that feature cute animal poses - like this Hedgehog sticky note pad. These sticky notes come on a triangular, foldable paper stand to allow them to be stood up on your desk for easy access. 

These Sticky Notes from Midori reveal an adorable depiction when you tuck the bottom edge of the note into the flap of the animal's mouth! How cool is that? 

Similar to the Mind Wave sticky notes mentioned above, these Animal Treat Standing Sticky Notes also come with a foldable paper stand. These sticky notes feature cute animals biting onto different treats like this Otter catching a fish. Use them as sticky notes or bookmarks. 

These new BGM Clear Stamps feature Postage Stamps and Memo Stamps

We love the cats peeking out of their windows in these new Sticky Cat Checklists by Midori - available in both large and pocket size

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