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New Desk Stationery Arrivals!

New Desk Stationery Arrivals!

This December we all have gifts and gratitude on our minds. These new stationery arrivals are desk staples that are sure to keep us writing, thinking, and creating through the rest of this year!

Adding this Kum vintage styled globe pencil sharpener to your desk will bring a sense of wonder and geography. As you sharpen your pencil, travel around the world as the globe sharpener spins. This pencil sharpener keeps things tidy by keeping the pencil shavings neatly within the globe. 

For all of those loose papers lying around your desk, these Kokuyo Campus Choi+ Sheet Connecting Stickers help to adhere those papers to your notebook!  Each sticker has a double adhesive backing design that lines up perfectly with the edge of the page. Simply peel one sticker from the pouch, stick it onto your notebook page, peel off the remaining paper backing and connect the loose sheet. This method allows you to fold at the crease of the sticker to tuck those loose pages into your notebook.

No desk is complete without your favorite writing instruments. These Kuru Toga mechanical pencils, now available in pastel matte colors, work to keep the lead in your pencil sharp while maintaining a consistent lead point through the pencil's gradual rotating mechanism. Throughout every sketch and every letter, your handwriting will stay sharp and precise. 

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