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New Blackwing Limited Edition Pencil, Sai Brush Pens, Penco "Bullet" Pens, and Pavilio Lace Tape

New Blackwing Limited Edition Pencil, Sai Brush Pens, Penco "Bullet" Pens, and Pavilio Lace Tape
We added several new items such as the new Blackwing Limited Edition Comic Book Pencil, Akashiya SAI ThinLine Brush Pens, the Penco "Bullet" Ballpoint Pen and Pavilio Lace Tape. We're very excited to introduce them all to you! 

Blackwing - The Comic Book Pencil

Blackwing's newest limited edition release celebrates the anniversary of comic books, which was invented in 1837 by Rodolphe Töpffer. This pencil features the halftone design (dots of varying sizes and spacing), which was used in early comics to simulate a gradient effect. The bold neon colors of this Blackwing pencil truly remind us of the pop art age!

Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen

These brush pens from Akashiya remind us a little of a liquid eyeliner brush. They're extra fine, but super soft, giving you the flexibility to create both thin and thick lines. In fact, their SAI Watercolor Brush counterparts almost seem gigantic in comparison. But unlike the SAI Watercolor Brush Pens, these ThinLine Brush Pens are waterproof, so you can outline your watercolor illustrations without fear of smudging.

Penco Bullet Ballpoint Pen

This ballpoint pen from Hightide is the perfect travel companion since it's so small and lightweight. What makes this pen special is that it weighs less than half an ounce and even though capped it measures only 3.7", when posted, it measure 5" making it more comfortable to write with. The pen body comes in 10 different colors (all have black ink). Which color is your favorite?

Pavilio Lace Tape

Last but not least, we added many styles of Pavilio Lace Tape due to popular demand! These are die-cut masking tapes with beautiful designs that are perfect for decorating all types of craft projects (especially ones with transparent surfaces). And even though these are not made of paper, they are easily torn without the use of scissors or a tape cutter.

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