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Life Noble New Sizes & Pen Pouches, TWSBI Throwback, Inks, and More

We recently expanded our notebook sizes for our Life Noble Note Series. Now we have Life Noble Notebooks available in A5, B6, B7 and A7. We also added some more of Life's beautiful leather pen pouches!

The TWSBI throwback is referring to the TWSBI Diamond 580 AL Rose, the first limited color TWSBI pen Yoseka ever got! TWSBI surprised us with an announcement that they came upon some of these that had previously been completely sold out. They are now available again in limited supply. 

We also added Lennon Tool Bar's Atmospheric Color Waterproof ink collection available in three colors: Cloudy Day, Firmament and Twilight

Fisher Space Pen in multiple pen body finishes are now also available as well as some exciting new mechanical pencils: Uni's Kuru Toga Advance Upgrade Model and Zebra Delguard Type ER

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