Yoseka 2023 release - Home

Yoseka 2023 release - Home
As many of you know, we released our 甲 Home Fountain Pen on pre-order back in April of this year and at the same time, decided to release our previous Origin and Refresh fountain pens from our 2021 and 2022 releases.

This year’s theme, Home, is all about celebrating our home, Yoseka—our business, our community, our team, our dreams, our friendships and partnerships—and so much more that Yoseka means to us. We hope you think of your home when you write with your new pens. We are happy to announce that your pre-orders are now on their way to you with gifts and accessories designed by Ashley and May. I hope you smile when you see them as I did.

We will be making any remaining 由申甲Yoseka Fountain Pens available shortly for those who weren’t able to catch the pre-order. Every order of a fountain pen will receive a corresponding card and enamel pin that features the finial character on the pen you have chosen; and any order received from today on will receive stickers that we designed to celebrate our release until supplies last.

Every year since our Origin release back in 2021, we have put a lot on the line to make these releases happen and we have been very fortunate to see amazing things grow out of these risks. Our team has grown so much, we have expanded and been able to collaborate with brands we love and artists and creators who inspire us. As we turn the bend to the second half of 2023, we have some more huge news to share with you all very soon as well. And each step of the way, we want to thank you all who have supported us and helped us build our home at Yoseka.

Whether you’ve purchased 10 fountain pens in our store or a sheet of stickers from us at a pop-up a few years ago, whether we’ve met in person many times or store, or only chatted through notes and emails, you’ve been a part of our journey and we appreciate you so much ❤️

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