The craziest and what feels like the longest month

The craziest and what feels like the longest month

Every month, we look back on new store additions, and reflect on things that happened in the past month. This past month has been the craziest and what feels like the longest month. Constant changes have affected everything and everyone. Adjusting to new routines takes time and it’s challenging, but it feels great to be able to break things down and solve problems one by one. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but we know we will continue to do what we love and keep moving forward during this time. We have added a lot of new stationery this month and will do our best to continue doing that through the unknown. It feels good to know that some things will never change 😊

New additions this past month from top left to bottom right:

LCN new collection: dried flower, postage stamps, transfer stickers, metal stamps and washi tapes
FriXion eraser
New MU transfer stickers
Kokuyo Masking Tape Cutter Natural Garden Series
Kaweco Student 50’s Rock, 60’s Swing, 70’s Soul
Uni Jetstream Edge
Lennon Tool Bar fountain pen inks
Uni-ball One
Kokuyo Mark+ Two Tone Highlighter
Kokuyo Gloo Glue Stick
Sailor 1911L Stormy Sea
TWSBI Eco Yellow
Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel
TWSBI Smoke RoseGold
Kanmido coco fusen
PLUS Petit Deco Rush
Shiny DIY Stamp Printing Kit

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