Summertime at Yoseka & A Milestone for Us!

Summertime at Yoseka & A Milestone for Us!
Some exciting things recently! First, Neil and I are off to Japan on a family trip with Jacob in a couple of days. These last few days have been a whirlwind of packing, list-making, watching YouTube videos with titles like "how to travel Japan with a toddler" and Googling questions like "how to rent a stroller in Japan." Spoilers, I've just decided to bring our own! (Shout out to everyone who commented on our last Catching Up YouTube video with tips for traveling with a toddler--I read every single one of them and got the amazing idea to bring Jacob his very own backpack filled with all sorts of fun goodies for the ride which I think he will love very much)

This week, we also have our TACCIA in-store event where we are hosting founder Shu-Jen in our shop for a couple of days. It is such an honor to be able to learn about TACCIA from Shu-Jen herself and to hear about the process behind making a unique Urushi Maki-e fountain pen. I was overjoyed that Shu-Jen agreed to film a video with us so be sure to watch our very interesting and informative video on TACCIA pens coming soon to our channel. Also new on our channel, a Sailor King of Pen Nib and Line Comparison, which should be very helpful when considering a TACCIA Empress that uses a King of Pen 18k nib.

Leo, Susan and Michelle are new members of the team and we just introduced Leo recently. You'll be seeing many new faces in the shop over the coming weeks!

Newly added stationery from the top left:

Ferris Wheel Press - Flutter Heart & other new inks
Laban 325 Fountain Pen - Gingko
Uni-ball One - Japanese Taste
Mind Wave Clima Stickers & other new stickers
Furukawa Paper Deco Seal
Kamiterior Mini Memo Pad - Dessert
Kamiterior Mini Memo Pad - Cat
Furukawa Paper Cafe Moon Memo Pad
Kokuyo Dotliner - Flick
Fisher Space Pen - Supernova Titanium Nitride
Pilot ILMILY Color Two Color Gel Pen

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