Pilot ILMILY Color Two Color Gel Pen - 0.4mm

Wine Red / Gray
Cherry / Peach
Emerald / Mint
Grape / Lavender
Black / Gray

Pilot ILMILY color two color ink transforms by rubbing with the back of the pen to create the frictional heat needed for the ink's color to change! ILMILY ink is great for color coded to-do lists to mark between what has and hasn't been done - once you're done with an item, rub it with the back of the pen to change color! These pens serve as two-in-one with their transformable color property.

Since the ink reacts directly to temperature, it is recommended not to leave it under direct sunlight or in environments hotter than 140 Fahrenheit.

ILMILY is a new stationery sub-brand of Pilot that promotes the idea of being more like yourself. ILMILY stands for "I Like Me, I Like You." By using stationery items that suit your personal style, you can grow your self confidence and become your best self.

  • Length: 13.9 cm (5.5 in) 
  • 0.4mm
  • Gel ink ballpoint
  • Select ink variations (Cherry, Emerald, Grape) are a lighter, desaturated version of the original color when transformed