SARASA Clip is designed with a large clip on the side. The clip is strong, and it’s easy to clip to pockets, notebooks and even in place of a real paper clip. These five colors were introduced in September 2016. At the time, there were already 40 other colors, but within a year these colors quickly became SARASA’s most popular ones. They are retro and vintage. They look familiar, but slightly different and unique. Around the same time, in Japan and Taiwan, “hand-copied quotes” started taking off on Twitter and Facebook. People would practice writing an inspirational quote, a joke or a story and share the photo of result online. You can see people’s daily handwriting and sometimes it’s marvelous to see a beautiful writing using just a regular pen. It’s quite common to see these retro colors used as they add more mature feel with a little more personalities to the writing. 

There are 56 colors to date. We can’t wait to get the new colors soon!

Here's all the vintage colors:
SARASA Clip - 0.5mm - Blue Grey
SARASA Clip - 0.5mm - Brown Grey
SARASA Clip - 0.5mm - Dark Blue
SARASA Clip - 0.5mm - Green Black
SARASA Clip - 0.5mm - Red Black

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  • Kyra

    I love this post! I found your shop on instagram and have been meaning to make my way to Sunny Side to visit for a month now! Now I have extra reason to come.

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