Old school ballpoint pens

Old school ballpoint pens
Old school ballpoint pens. From top to bottom: Rabbit F220, Taiwan, released in 1966; Mitsubishi No.460, Japan, released in 1973; and Corniva 51, Italy, released in 1965. Most of these pens are still available since their original releases but we heard No.460 was discontinued earlier this May 😢

It’s interesting these three pens from different countries have the same orange and black tip/cap, but it might not be a coincidence. BiC Orange was released in 1961 after BiC Cristal’s success in the 50’s. Rabbit F220 was the first ballpoint pen made locally in Taiwan and they made it really clear that their pen was slightly cheaper at $3 to compete with the popular BiC Orange selling at $5 the time 😀

It’s also interesting that in Taiwan a ballpoint pen is called “原子筆”, or “Atomic Pen”, which is how the original BiC Cristal was advertised post-war. 

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  • Pamela Waschkat

    I got a pack of five colored pens as a gift. I don’t know where to find them or how to get more they are for my ink, pens, blue, green, purple, red, and black.

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