New Store Sign Up and Happy Taiwan National Day

New Store Sign Up and Happy Taiwan National Day
Today is 10/10, the National Day of Taiwan, where Yoseka is originally from. Yoseka is derived from the phonetic sounds of the three Chinese characters 由申甲 (you sen jia), and it’s also the name of my parents’ original store in Taiwan. A bit like a Chinese palindrome, the three characters in our name and our logo are read the same when flipped upside down.

Earlier this week, we installed our new sign in Greenpoint. We decided on a green and white color combination, which is very different from the wooden hanging sign that we had in Sunnyside. It’s a refreshing look, but also one that mirrors the green and white sign at my parents’ store in Taiwan. 

Back in 1981, my parents started Yoseka in Zhongli, Taiwan. In the 80’s, their first shop was hidden in an alley, right by a university. They moved a few times, and their store is now a seven story stationery store in Zhongli. I spent most of my childhood in their store, and I was very spoiled with new stationery all the time.

In our shop, apart from stationery around the world, we put a lot of emphasis on stationery made in Taiwan. Happy birthday, Taiwan! And thank you to all the Taiwanese brands and artists for their amazing works. Are there any other Taiwanese brands or artists whose work you’d like to see in the shop? Feel free to tag them in comments!

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