New stationery books for browsing in store

New stationery books for browsing in store

From left to right:

趣味の文具箱 Vol 48 (Hobby Stationery Box Vol.48): This edition features some of our favorite Japanese stationery stores, and many great stationery that are under 1000 USD. Browsing the pictures is quite satisfying, and it’s always great to learn what each writer’s favorite pen is and why.
老時代文具 (Vintage Stationery): The book re-introduces stationery items over the past 100 years. Some items simply become outdated, but some evolve through time. It’s really cool to see some old posters and vintage designs.

ほぼ日手帳公式ガイドブック 2019 (Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook 2019): The book goes through the different cover designs, and interviews a few well-known people on how they use their Hobonichi to improve their daily life. It categories different styles of Hobonichi — word style, illustration style, decoration style and etc, and it also features 25 of their favorite pens to go with the planner.

仕事文具 (The Stationery Guide for Working): This book was published back in 2016, and we actually have a few more books by the same author, Tsuchihashi Tadashi, in our store. This book details 235 unique stationery items and shows how they can improve your work.

無印良品的文具 (Muji Stationery): Since 1980, Muji has designed more than 500 stationery items. The book picks the top 20 most iconic items (but we don’t think most of them are sold in America). It shows how they are designed, but how most of time, it’s used more creatively than it’s designed to be.

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