New Look for Our Stickers!

New Look for Our Stickers!

New look for our freebie Yoseka stickers!

These are round stickers that we include in your online orders - two stickers at random in each order. It was time to add some new designs to represent the completion of the Sailor x Yoseka Origin, Refresh, Home series, and we decided to re-print all the stickers for a fresh look. We selected a few designs from the previous three years, which was so hard to choose! New to the lineup are the 3-pen sticker, the Yoseka Happy Hour Glass sticker, and the “So Casual” ribbon sticker! You’ll also see the Yo, Sen, and Jia “mood stickers” that’ll be familiar to anyone who ordered during our Sailor x Yoseka preorder last year! Are you looking forward to getting these new stickers in your next order? :) -May



  • Christy Scarafile

    I’d buy a set too. They’re adorable!

  • J

    I would totally buy them if they came in a set

  • Toga

    Any chance you could offer an option to just straight-up buy sets of these?

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