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Midori Gradation Diary Planner Tour with Christine

Midori Gradation Diary Planner Tour with Christine

Hi there! My name is Christine and I'm a Yoseka staff member who started in October. I am a fellow stationery lover, and I'm especially fond of planners. I am so excited to share my planner with you!

My planner is truly something I can’t live without – sitting down to work on my planner each week not only keeps me organized, but is also so meditative and fun. Let me take you on a little tour of my planner!

This year, I’m using the Midori Gradation Diary, which is a gorgeous vertical weekly planner that uses a blue-pink gradient to express the daylight hours each day.

I’ve used vertical weekly planners for a few years now and I personally prefer them over other layouts. I’m very visually oriented, so being able to see my time blocked out is very helpful. And, the empty space can be used for tasks, notes and doodles.

Previously, I was using Takahashi Shoten torinco 7 vertical weekly planners, but after reading a couple of reviews about how they adjusted a few elements in the 2021 version, I decided I needed to find something new.

That’s where this little beauty comes in!

One of my favorite things about this planner is that it is a Midori product and I am in LOVE with MD paper. The paper is so buttery smooth and I love writing on it. There is no bleed no matter what pen I use - I can even use my Sailor 1911S fountain pen in it without any bleeding or feathering!

Another fantastic part of this planner is that unlike other vertical weekly layouts, this one features a full 24 hour time table which gives you a complete snapshot of your day. (This is also an important feature for those who like to track their sleep.)

And I have to talk about the extra pages at the back of the planner. There are several pages of lined paper as is standard with most planners, but there is also a section to write down your routine…

…a seasonal plan page for goals…

…and a habit tracker!

I am seriously in love with this planner. It is truly a joy to sit down and do my weekly set up every Sunday. When doing my weekly set up, I like to start by writing in events from the past week on my monthly spread (adding stickers and stamps as I go). Then, I put down all the events for the coming week along with any tasks I need to accomplish (color coded, of course!) Finally, I write some weekly goals or things I want to do in the left sidebar and add some decoration.

I always love seeing the way others use their planners – it’s great inspiration! I hope this little planner tour provided some inspiration to you as well!

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