Mechanical Pencil Special Features We Love

Mechanical Pencil Special Features We Love
In this video, Jane and I go over some of our favorite mechanical pencil special features! From rotating lead to shaker advancement mechanism to sliding sleeve mechanism and more, mechanical pencils have been the source of a lot of innovation and reinvention among Japan's biggest stationery brands. We highlight some of the most noteworthy mechanical pencils that have some of these special features, and at the end, we even share one that has had quite some historical significance and influence in the stationery world! Hope you all enjoy this video and learn something new about mechanical pencils : )

A Comparison of Mechanical Drafting Pencils

Products Used/Shown:

Uni Kuru Toga

Uni Kuru Toga Advance

Zebra Delguard

Tombow Monograph Shaker

Pentel Orenz 0.2

Ohto Conception

Pilot Automac

Pilot S30


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