Last weekend at LIC Flea 😭

Last weekend at LIC Flea 😭

This weekend was the last weekend for us at LIC Flea. It has been so wonderful meeting everyone. Thanks for telling us your stories and letting us share ours with all of you. Stay tuned to see where we'll be popping up next!

For those who don't know our story, Yoseka Stationery was first founded in 1981 in Chung Li, Taiwan, where my parents started their very first store. Having lived in America for more than 10 years now, I'm really grateful to have this opportunity to host our stationery pop up shop and share my love of stationery and my story with you all.

Daisy and I have been working hard on the website since the beginning of the year, and we've been putting a lot of thought into the display and decorations for our pop up.

We can't tell you how much it means to us that you dropped by and beyond that, that many of you shared our love for adorable stationery.

We want to showcase the idea that stationery can be cute, fun and mature -- and most importantly, Yoseka Stationery brings you the right tools for you to enhance your creativity with style.

Here are some photos from the past weekend: 



Our Yoseka Stationery Gift Bag:



Some other videos that we took this weekend:



Thanks for reading!  Here's a few ways to keep in touch:


Facebook: /yoseka.stationery

Instagram: @yoseka.stationery

-Neil & Daisy


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