Intro to Sailor Shikiori

Intro to Sailor Shikiori
The newest Sailor Shikiori series is inspired by the sounds of rain from the four seasons, and we are so excited to have them in the shop now! They feature Sailor Professional Gear Slim body with matte but translucent finish. The pens come in 21K with Medium Fine size. The top and bottom finials are transparent with subtle glitter detailing. From left to right in the photo, the pens correspond to winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Spring/Harusame 春雨/はるさめ - In Spring, the rain falls quietly, leaving shimmering droplets on flowers and fresh leaves.

Summer/Suiu 翠雨/すいう - In Summer, the rains shines on flourishing green leaves and trees. 

Autumn/Kirisame 霧雨/きりさめ - In Autumn, the foggy and misty drizzles moisten the fallen  and faded leaves.

Winter/Tou 凍雨/とうう - In Winter, the icy droplets freeze on the empty branches, brightening up the clear sky before dawn. 

Thank you so much for pre-ordering with us! We will be shipping them out as soon as possible and there will be more arriving in July. 
With Sailor's Shikiori Amaoto Sound of Rain fountain pens being released, we thought we'd give everyone a walk-through of all of Sailor's past Shikiori Series. Ashley and I introduce the Shikiori inks that started off the entire Shikiori lineup, the brush markers that came from them, and of course all the beautiful fountain pen series that followed. We are so excited that the Amaoto pens are finally here! Which one is your favorite?

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