Holiday Postcard 2023 🎄🎁

Holiday Postcard 2023 🎄🎁

Hi everyone! It’s May with this year’s holiday edition postcard! As you may know, I made a drawing for last year’s card, showing Team Yoseka as elves working on orders through the holiday season. It was such a cute drawing that included recognizable details about our team members and some of our favorite stationery items. I wanted to continue that for this year’s card, which became a challenge as our team has grown so much in 2023!

I thought of the idea of creating a holiday village scene that includes all of our team members and I think it turned out so well! There are references scattered around the drawing to some events that happened this year, things some of us bought, and some inside jokes (like the one time I laughed a little too hard at Amy, Leslie’s gigantic water bottle, and more…)

We’ve started including one in every order, so I hope you have fun looking at all the details and maybe guessing who’s who! If you want the answers right away, you can swipe to the next image to see a guide with everyone numbered - I’ll include the names here. Enjoy! 😊💚⛄️

1. Daisy
2. Neil
3. Ashley
4. May
5. Alex
6. Gordon
7. Amy
8. Authan
9. Leslie
10. Leo
11. Susan
12. Kim
13. Melany
14. Laura
15. Sephy
16. Jacob





    I love your card and appreciate the identification key above. Like Stephanie, I am placing an order in part to get a card, though I also want everything in my car. Your designs are cute and clever and I can hardly wait to see the card in person. Thanks, May!
  • Stephanie

    Love this design so much, May! Such a beauty and it shows off Team Yosekaʻs charms so brilliantly. I canʻt wait to receive mine. Placed an order just so I could get the card lol. Especially love the interaction depicted between Jacob and Gordon. Too cute! Oh! And I also bought several sheets of your stickers! Thanks for ending the year with a bang!

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