Hobonichi 2024 Paper Change

Hobonichi 2024 Paper Change

This year, Hobonichi announced that the paper for 2024 planners will be changing from Tomoegawa’s Tomoe River Paper to Sanzen’s version of Tomoe River Paper. To give everyone a chance to experience this change for themselves, Hobonichi has included a test packet with all of the Original, Cousin, Planner, Day-Free, and 5-Year Books. The test packet is based off of the 2023 Original Planner shrunk down to 80% of its full size, and it is just too cute!! Complete with a mini monthly calendar and mini daily pages, the packet allows you to test your pens and markers in the same way you use them in your planner already.

Have you already tested out your pens and inks on the new paper? After an initial cursory test (swipe to the end to see), I personally find most of the change to be with the writing experience and dry-time. But, I’ll probably continue to test my favorite inks out or perhaps even do a mock-journal entry to see how I like the texture with my fountain pens. What pens have you tested so far? -Ashley⭐️



  • Marsha

    Hi. Which paper has the faster drying time? Is the new paper a smoother writing experience?

  • Jean

    How to buy this test packet, please? Thank you!

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